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We guarantee to put the best care in the packaging of the product in order to avoid the risk of receiving damaged goods.

Couriers and shipments

The goods will be usually shipped via TNT SPA. Users who indicate their e-mail address will be notified about delivery and its "tracking number" to stay updated about the shipment. For any information on shipping, please contact us via phone or email

Lead time

The Supplier will deliver the selected and ordered goods according to the conditions chosen by the Buyer or indicated on the website upon offer of the item, as well as confirmed by email.

An envelope containing the invoice and the transportation documents, along with assembly instructions where applicable, will be enclosed to all shipments.
Delivery shall be carried out within the term indicated on the order, as accepted in the confirmation email or, failing indication of such term on the order, within 60 days starting from the first working day subsequent to sending of the confirmation email. Delivery terms are to be intended just as an indication and will not be binding as set forth by art. 1457 of the Civil Code and will not in any case provide for transportation times.
The Supplier shall not be held liable in case of delays or failure to deliver due to circumstances that may be out of his control, such as, including but not limited to, inadequate technical data, imprecisions or delays by the Buyer in transmitting information or data required for shipment of the Products, difficulties in obtaining raw materials, problems related to production or planning of orders, partial or total strikes, lack of electricity power, natural disasters, special measures imposed by public authorities, transportation issues, causes of force majeure, disorders, terroristic attacks and all other causes of force majeure, courier’s delays, etc. Occurrence of any the a/m events will not entitle the Buyer to claim for possible damage or compensation of any kind.

The goods will be sold ex warehouse and will travel at the Buyer’s risk, even if sold free delivery. The supply obligation will be therefore complied with upon delivery of the goods by the vector. The Supplier will not be held responsible for inconveniences deriving from delays or errors caused by the vector, to whom the Buyer will have to address all claims. The Supplier will be held responsible for thefts or damages connected to transport only when the same chooses the vector; in this case the Supplier shall resend the goods to the Buyer for its entire value upon written certification by the vector. In any other case, the Buyer shall inspect the incoming goods and claim any possible damage directly to the vector, even when goods are shipped FOB.
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